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Healthy Skin Quarantine

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As a beauty professional, one of the key health and beauty thoughts during this pandemic is skincare. We may be in a “stay at home” state or the beginning of relaxed outdoor outings with some modified restrictions for COVID19.  This is not a time to neglect health or skincare.   What we eat, what exercise we choose to do or not do, affects your outward appearance.  Without consistent care to our skin, we can set ourselves up for breakouts, dry skin, dehydration, or excessive oiliness for a canvas that will not be ready, if you choose, to wear makeup. 


Just because we are quarantined, does not mean our skin, especially our face, should be neglected. We may not be out in the air daily, but do we know what is floating in the air of your home or comes in to settle when we get the mail?  We are required to wear a mask when in public.  Although your mouth and nose may be covered, what has settled on the exposed parts of your face that the naked eye cannot see, and you have touched?


A facial mask once or twice a week for your specific skin type is still key to maintaining that healthy skin glow along with your daily skincare regimen.  Normal to oily or acne-prone skin can benefit from a good clay mask.   A clay and tea tree mask can help to detoxify, reduce breakouts and can promote healthy glowing skin. A moisturizing mask is great for dry, normal, and mature skin.  A mask with jojoba and lemon  helps to remove dry skin, impurities and restore healthy glowing soft skin. Just remember it is important to choose a mask specific for your skin type and make it a part of your weekly skincare regimen. Your skin will be Healthy and Happy!  

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