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Loving Your Skin


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When you look in the mirror, is your skin frowning back? Have you been eating healthy, keeping up with exercise and drinking all the water required for your height and weight? If you have been living a healthy lifestyle and your skin is not looking the best, then it is time to look for answers.  Do not be in denial or think this is a phase that will just go away!   

This is not a time to look for self-diagnosis and home remedies.  It may be time to forgo your makeup for a time to let your skin breathe. You never know if it is a temporary situation or the start of more serious skin and health issues.

The environment alone and daily wearing of masks can cause irritations new to your skin and new to you! Sometime your skin needs a little care from an esthetician and sometimes more TLC from a board-certified dermatologist at a medispa familiar with your skin tone. They can look beyond the surface everyone sees and recommend medical quality solutions for a period to get your skin back on track smiling and happy. Love your skin and when it’s needed, seek extra special care for deeper than surface issues to bring back the glow, elasticity and youthfulness it deserves! 😊

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