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EyeFocus Makeup

A 90-minute class customized for the client’s eye shape to focus on clean every day makeup looks with 1-2 eye shadows or a smokey eye look to complement your eye shape with confidence. 

Ideal client:  all clients


  • Help clients determine the optimum lighting so that you know the importance of good lighting for a flawless eye-conic look 
  • Help client learn their face shape so that they know the correct shape to fill their beauty brows
  • Help client learn their eye shape so that they know the eye makeup applications that will complement their eyes and makeup look
  • Help client to learn professional makeup application techniques and blending with the proper tools and brushes so that they have an eye-catching finished look.
  • Help client use the proper brow tools and products so that they can perfect their beauty brows
  • Help client neutralize eyelids, apply base eye shadow and optional crease shadow so that eye shadow will be long-lasting without creasing 
  • Help client to apply eyeliner (e.g. powder, gel, pencil) so that they have a polished eye look
  • Help client create their unique smokey eye for day or evening look so that they have an eye-catching finished look (optional)
  • Help client apply concealer under the eyes and set with powder, as needed so that eye makeup will have a clean finished makeup look to correct any mistakes
  • Help client to curl lashes in 3-steps and apply mascara so that the application finish will be smooth
  • Help client to know how to correct makeup mishaps so that they will not feel they need to start over


Complete the Makeup Bag Makeover or Personal Shopping Service Masterclass so that we have assessed and reviewed what products and tools you need or use daily

Submit 1-3 "Inspiration Makeup Photo" so that we have a vision of the eye makeup looks you like