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Makeup Bag Makeover

Makeup Bag Makeover

A 90-minute customized class to review your current makeup bag items (skincare and makeup), discard expired products, and create a list of the essential products and tools for you to add to your makeup bag. 

Ideal client:  brides, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, wedding attendants, executives and working professionals, busy moms, job interviews, newly single, teens (parent required), skin changes (due to weather, medication, new hair color.


  • Help clients determine the optimum lighting so that you know the importance of good lighting for a flawless makeup application 
  • Help clients choose the correct skincare and makeup products so that they are using the best items for their skin type – normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, aging skin, and sensitive skin
  • Teach clients about cosmetic expiration dates so that they are aware that products do expire, know where to find the expired date or mark purchase dates on products to maintain consumer safety and health
  • Help clients identify their skin tone and undertone so that they can choose the correct complementary colors for their makeup look.
  • Teach basic complexion techniques so that they know the order of skincare product application as well as seasonal product changes.
  • Teach how to color match foundations and concealers so that they know how to find the best combination for a flawless beauty look.
  • Help clients evaluate the brushes and tools they have/need so that they are aware what tools they need to create their flawless beauty look and proper care and maintenance of all brushes.
  • Create a list of skincare and makeup products to replace or add so that the client has all products and tools they like and need for daily skincare and makeup application.